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Born in Pennsylvania Teri Coleman spent most of her childhood in Daytona , Florida. When she was in the seventh grade in Daytona Beach Teri got her first job printing t-shirts in the screen printing department for Hawaiian Tropic. Several years later her family moved to Vidalia, Georgia where Teri graduated from high school and eventually started her own family. Later the mother of two attended the local technical college and graduated with a diploma in Business Office Technology and a  certificate in Introductory Accounting.  Teri then worked for several large businesses using the skills she had obtained at the technical college.


Teri had never posed for photographs other than those with her children during Christmas and other holidays and special events, but after meeting Larry Coleman in late 2003 this changed. After they started dating, Larry and Teri began traveling as much as possible and, like many other couples,  taking pictures of themselves on their trips. At first this was just a fun thing for them to do, documenting their times and travels together,  but it did not take long for this hobby of photographing each other to develop into serious photo sessions where great care was taken in planning out the locations, poses and even attire to be used. Larry, who had been taking pictures for over thirty-four years as an advanced amateur photographer, began seriously trying to improve on each session by perfecting the lighting and other variables.


Unlike professional model shoots that usually have photo crews made up of make-up artists,  location coordinators, wardrobe specialists, lighting experts and personnel to carry and hold equipment such as diffusers, reflectors, etc., Larry's and Teri’s photo shoots consist of just the two of them. Shooting under such limited conditions can be frustrating and challenging, but the couple has learned how to work with just the very basic equipment that one person, Larry, can hold while controlling the camera at the same time. In addition, they have learned how to work with and around the natural lighting conditions that the great outdoors offers on any particular day.


Larry and Teri now have three children and three grandchildren that keep them busy,  but they still manage to squeeze in photo shoots at home and while traveling and hope to be able to continue to share some of their photographs via this website.

If you are interested in seeing  video of some of their photo shoots, be sure to visit their YouTube video site (links can be found under the “Video Productions” and “Other Contacts” menus on the website).


The couple hopes to eventually add several "how to" videos that will help amateur and semi-professional photographers, especially those with limited resources,  get more out of their own outdoor shoots.  Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel to be notified of new videos as they are added. 

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